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2015-2016 KFTN 92.7 FM Staff

Jonathon Camp


Jonathon Camp, sophomore

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Justin Dulay


Justin Dulay, junior

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Katie Quinn


Katie Quinn, freshman

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Nathan Higgins


Nathan Higgins, junior

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Dylan Holen


Dylan Holen, junior

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Olivia Moses

News Writer, Profile host, Girls Next Door participant, Big Bang participant, What's New in the Lou participant

Olivia Moses, junior

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Cameron Medlin

Profile producer, Girls Next Door & After Hours participant

Cameron Medlin, sophomore

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Caleb Summers


Caleb Summers, senior

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Becca Stallard

News Writer, Profile host, What's New in the Lou host

Becca Stallard, senior

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Stacy Rohan

Public Relations Director, Profile host, Girls Next Door participant

Stacy Rohan, senior

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Katelyn Elmore

Sports Director, Host of Sports Talk, Girls Next Door particpant

Katelyn Elmore, sophomore

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Samantha Capkovic

News Director, Profile host, After Hours host

Samantha Capkovic, senior

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Matt Podjeski

Music Director

Matthew Podjeski, junior

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Kayla Drake

Program Director

Kayla Drake, senior

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Cassidy Hintz

Station Manager, After Hours/Girls Next Door participant

Cassidy Hintz, senior  

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